Sponsorship Expenses: Understanding Allowable Deductions for Tax Purposes.

Sponsorship can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses, allowing them to promote their brand and reach a wider audience. But can sponsorship expenses be claimed as allowable deductions for tax purposes? In this blog post, we will explore the conditions under which sponsorship expenses can be considered legitimate expenses and provide guidance on what costs you can claim. Understanding the rules surrounding sponsorship expenses is crucial to ensure compliance with HMRC regulations and maximise your tax benefits. Let’s delve into the details.

Legitimate Sponsorship Expenses:

When evaluating sponsorship opportunities, it’s important to consider whether the sponsorship aligns with the purpose of promoting your business. To determine if the sponsorship expenses can be claimed as allowable deductions, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does the sponsorship promote the business?

2. Is the purpose of the sponsorship “wholly and exclusively” business-related?

3. Is the benefit derived from the sponsorship “wholly and exclusively” business-related?

If the answers to these questions are affirmative, the sponsorship expenses may be considered legitimate and can be claimed as an expense. Here are some specific costs related to sponsorship that you can claim as allowable deductions:

1. Entry/Membership Fees:

You can claim entry or membership fees as an expense if your company directly benefits from paying these fees. Ensure that the sponsorship provides tangible advantages that contribute to the growth and promotion of your business.

2. Branded Clothing and Accessories:

Expenses related to branded clothing and accessories can be claimed as allowable deductions. These items should prominently display your company branding and be used specifically for promotional purposes.

3. Branded Assets:

If you are sponsoring an individual or team in a specific sport, you can claim the cost of branded assets such as a cycle, motorcycle, or car. However, ensure that these assets are directly linked to the sponsorship and are necessary for promoting your business.

4. Facility Expenses:

Expenses directly related to the event or activity being sponsored can be claimed as allowable deductions. These expenses should be separate from your normal business activities and solely associated with the sponsored party.

Considerations and HMRC Guidelines:

HMRC views sponsorship expenses subjectively, and there have been cases where significant sponsorship deals have been deemed outside the “wholly and exclusively” test. To ensure compliance and avoid any issues, consider the following:

1. Duality of Purpose:

If there is any implication of a non-business benefit or if the sponsored party has a personal connection to a director, partner, or proprietor, HMRC may disallow the expense. Ensure that the sponsorship is solely for business purposes and not funding personal hobbies or disguised earnings.

2. HMRC Commerciality Tests:

HMRC may disallow an expense for sponsorship if they find a lack of commerciality. Some factors that HMRC considers include sponsoring relatives or close friends without proper justification, paying excessive amounts to the sponsored party, not evaluating the commercial effect of the sponsorship, and neglecting to explore alternative advertising options. It is advisable to have a written sponsorship agreement in place that outlines expectations and justifies the business benefits.


Understanding the conditions under which sponsorship expenses can be claimed as allowable deductions is crucial for businesses seeking to maximise their tax benefits. By ensuring that the sponsorship aligns with the promotion of your business, documenting the commerciality of the expense, and considering any potential non-business implications, you can confidently claim sponsorship expenses while complying with HMRC regulations.

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